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Engine Leasing

MK Aviation is a global operating lessor working in Europe/Middle East/Africa; North America; Asia; and Latin America providing financial and operational solutions for airline customers around the world. MK Aviation offers a full range of services including, operating and leverage leases. We have an array of products and services that is unprecedented in the aircraft/engine leasing industry. From short-term rentals to complex financing transaction, we provide an ever-expanding list of products to fulfill your requirements.

MK Aviation offers both widebody and narrow body aircraft manufactured by Boeing; Airbus; Fokker, and Bombardier through Operating Leases ranging in terms from 3-12 years.  This provides you with fleet flexibility, to introduce new routes/aircraft types or to increase or reduce capacity quickly.  

MK Aviation offers engines from Pratt & Whitney; CFMI; Rolls Royce and others for use on both large and regional commercial aircraft.  Short-term engine rentals can protect you against significant interruptions in revenue due to engine removals - without tying up your financial resources.  Our diverse engine pooling and availability provide comprehensive spares coverage.

  • The primary benefits of executing an operating lease with any of our global offices include: 
  • Individually tailored lease terms
  • An attractive alternative to employing cash up front. 
  • 100% financing with no need for predelivery payments or significant down payments.
  • Off-balance-sheet accounting treatment. 

But whether your need is for a short or long term lease, exchange or outright sale or purchase, we can supply virtually any aircraft or engine, from a single short-term engine rentals to financing multiple aircraft and your entire spare engine fleet.

Please  “Contact Us” for a current list of flight equipment available and to discover how we can support your company’s special requirements. For a list of other MK companies and our worldwide offices go to “About Us”. 

Our Engines

Rolls-Royce Trent

Rolls-Royce Trent is a three-spool, high bypass turbofan aircraft engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce plc. All are developments of the RB211 with thrust ra... Read more...