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MK Aviation is a global operating lessor since 1979 actively working in Europe/Middle East/Africa; North America; Asia; and Latin America providing
custom made financial and operational solutions for airline customers around the world.
We are focused on building long term partnerships with our airline customers. Since foundation MK Aviation developed and cultivated long-standing
relationships with airlines. We make decisions with due-care for our customers and build trust among our relationships.
Our flexible business approach allows us to opportunistically evaluate and execute upon a diverse array of strategic transactions and effectively
adapt to ever changing market conditions.
MK Aviation strives for openly share information and feedback clearly, consistently and in a timely manner.

About Us

MK Aviation, headquartered in Panama City, Panama, specializes in delivering comprehensive engine solutions on demand, tailored to our clients' specific needs, all while offering favorable operating and financial terms. With a strong track record, we have successfully conducted business with leading airlines worldwide.

Our company has cultivated close relationships with prominent aircraft and engine manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, GE, and Rolls Royce. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the comprehensive services we provide.

Since 1979, MK Aviation has been a global operating lessor, actively serving regions like Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Asia, and Latin America. We take pride in crafting personalized financial and operational solutions, with a particular emphasis on engine solutions, for airlines worldwide.

At MK Aviation, our core focus is on establishing enduring partnerships with our airline customers. From our inception, we have nurtured long-standing relationships with airlines, making decisions with utmost care and integrity to foster trust.

Our adaptable business approach allows us to opportunistically evaluate and execute various strategic transactions, effectively navigating the ever-changing dynamics of the aviation market.

Transparency is paramount to us. We are dedicated to openly sharing information and providing feedback clearly, consistently, and promptly.

We firmly believe that the best way to introduce ourselves to the world is through our unwavering commitment to providing engine solutions on demand with favorable operating and financial terms..

Main Customers

We believe the best way of introducing ourselves around the world and in this niche business, is to prove our hard and honest work, which is displayed based on our commercial relationships with major airlines worldwide such as American Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Avianca, Copa Airlines, Delta and other airlines.

Message from our founder

MK's founder

In an era of astounding scientific and technological achievement, MK Aviation most valuable resource continues to be its people. We take great pride in the dedication, honesty and efficiency of our executives, engineers, technicians, and staff personnel. It is they who are responsible for the growth and success of the company.

In acquiring any new business, we are guided by the same principles and values we adhere to in our personal lives, honesty, integrity and a sincere desire to improve our productivity. Acquisitions will always be on mutually acceptable terms, never forceful, and made only out of generated profits win-win for both sides and readily available cash. While we have sometimes misjudged the degree of human energy and material resources needed to implement our goals, we have always managed, through hard work and innovative thinking, to successfully complete our planned course of action.

Although the scope of MK Aviation business is already worldwide, we are still in the infancy of our corporate development. Careful application of advanced technologies coupled with our depth in human resources point to a bright and prosperous future for MK Aviation.

Meet our team

Ariel Kraselnick


Raymond Kraselnick

Vice President Finance

Valli Stanziola

Director of Adminstration

Ran Ackerman

Senior V.P Marketing & Sales Head of Asia and EMEA

Darren Naughton

Vice President Marketing & Origination

Dennis Rodrigues

Vice President Technical

Walter Trujillo

Director Technical & Operations

Maryluz Castillo

Lead Attorney



Ariel Kraselnick
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Asia and EMEA

Ran Ackerman
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Darren Naughton
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